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Lorenz Kuhn

Personal photo - Lorenz  Kuhn

Lorenz Kuhn

Doctoral Student

Department of Computer Science,
Parks Road 14/15, Room
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Lorenz is a DPhil student in Computer Science working with Prof. Yarin Gal at the University of Oxford. His main research interests include improving our theoretical understanding of deep learning, as well as making deep learning safer and more reliable for real-world use cases. Lorenz is a recipient of a FHI DPhil Scholarship and holds a MSc in Computer Science from ETH Zurich.
Previously, Lorenz has undertaken research on pruning and generalization in deep neural networks under the supervision of Prof. Yarin Gal and Prof. Andreas Krause, on medical recommendation systems with Prof. Ce Zhang, and on medical information retrieval with Prof. Carsten Eickhoff and Prof. Thomas Hofmann
Additionally, Lorenz has worked on making very large language models more efficient at Cohere, on various data science projects at the Boston Consulting Group, and on medical recommendation systems at IBM Research and ETH Zurich.