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Luke Ong

Personal photo - Luke Ong

Dr Luke Ong

Professor of Computer Science

Tutorial Fellow, Merton College

E: Luke.Ong AT cs DOT ox DOT ac DOT uk
T: +441865283522

Room 340, Wolfson Building, Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3QD
United Kingdom


My research has mainly been in Semantics of Computation, which is concerned with the development and analysis of mathematical structures that model computation using ideas and tools from Mathematical Logic. More recently my research has tended to be motivated by problems of an algorithmic nature. Here is a summary in HTML.

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Past Students

Christopher Broadbent
Conrad Cotton-Barratt
Matthew Hague
David Hopkins
Alex Horn
Egor Ianovski
Jonathan Kochems
David Landsberg
Lihao Liang
Robin Neatherway
Marcelo Sousa
Yong Xie
Chang Yan

Past Postdocs

Martin Lester
Matthijs Vákár