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Marco Diciolla

Personal photo - Marco Diciolla

Marco Diciolla

Doctoral Student

Leaving date: 11th July 2014


Completed Projects:


I'm a third year DPhil student working on VERIWARE. VERIWARE is a five year project at the Department of Computer Science, University of Oxford, funded by the European Research Council Advanced Investigators Grant and led by Marta Kwiatkowska. Prior to this, I studied for a Master Degree in Computer Engineering at Politecnico of Milan. During my last year of university I worked on the PoplMark Challenge with Professor Mads Dam at the Royal Institute of Technology, KTH.


The central premise of the VERIWARE project is that there is a need for a paradigm shift in verification to enable ‘everyware’ verification, which can be achieved through a model-based approach that admits discrete and continuous dynamics, the replacement of offline methods with online techniques such as machine learning, and the use of game-theoretic and planning techniques. The project will significantly advance quantitative probabilistic verification in new and previously unexplored directions. This will involve investigating the fundamental principles of ‘everyware’ verification, development of algorithms and prototype implementations, and experimenting with case studies.

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