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Maria Svorenova

Personal photo - Maria Svorenova

Maria Svorenova

Research Assistant

Leaving date: 31st August 2017


The main focus of my research is in the use of formal methods from computer science in control for autonomous systems. Generally, my research interests include formal verification, automata-based model checking, game theory, control strategy synthesis, temporal logics, probabilistic systems, systems with uncertainty, high-level motion planning, receding horizon control and optimal control. 


Maria Svorenova is a research assisstant with Marta Kwiatkowska at the Dept. of Computer Science at University of Oxford.  She holds a bachelor and master degree in Algebra and Discrete Mathematics, a bachelor degree in Computer Science and a PhD in the field of formal verification and game theory in high-level motion planning under temporal constraints under the supervision of Ivana Cerna, all from Masaryk University in Brno, Czech republic. She is currently working on EPSRC Mobile Autonomy Programme Grant: Safety, Trust and Integrity, led by Paul Newman, with co-investigators Ingmar Posner, Niki Trigoni and Marta Kwiatkowska.