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Martin J. Kraemer

Personal photo - Martin Kraemer

Martin Johannes Kraemer

Doctoral Student

Leaving date: 26th November 2022


While I have moved on to work in the industry, I still pursue professional and research interests in human-centred security and privacy. Do get in touch, if you would like to talk about any of it.

I'm interested in human-centred privacy and the Internet of Things. My research aims to provide deeper understanding of the impact of technology on our privacy, especially in the home. My doctoral research concerned privacy in human-centred-computing. My thesis explores, unpacks, and designs for the social organisation of smart device use in the home to empower privacy in familial (communal) settings. To this end, I have worked with members of the public in ethnographic, interview, and co-design studies. My main contribution is a framework that serves to empower people through product innovation by sensitising designers and researchers to the ethical challenges of communal use and privacy in the home.


I was the teaching assistant (TA) for Security & Incident Management and Data Security & Privacy, both part of the Software Engineering Program.

I was a member of the Human-Centred-Computing & Safety reading group and ran the Security and Privacy Reading Group. If you'd like to revive any of these groups and need access to the respective webpage, please get in touch.


I'm a DPhil student at the Department of Computer Science, and also part of the Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) in Cyber Security. In 2016, I received an MSc in Computer Science (University of Edinburgh). I graduated in 2012 with a BSc is in Business Information Systems (Cooperative State University Baden-Wurttemberg, Mannheim). Between my degrees, I worked as an Information Technology Consultant focussing on mobile and distributed systems.

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