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Nadeschda Nikitina

Personal photo - Nadeschda Nikitina

Dr Nadeschda Nikitina

Departmental Lecturer

Leaving date: 31st January 2018


My research interests include description logics, knowledge representation, ontologies, automated reasoning, optimisation of reasoning-based systems and automated ontology-based text annotation. Currently, the focus of my research is rewriting of knowledge bases.


Prospective Doctoral Students

We are always looking for outstanding D.Phil. (PhD) students interested in the area of knowledge representation and Semantic Web. Students may propose a specific research topic, or may ask me for topics in my area of interest before formally applying. The department is currently advertising a number of full and partial doctoral scholarships. There are numerous sources of funding available at Oxford. More information on applying to the Oxford D.Phil. program for Computer Science is available here.

Selected Publications

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Past Student

Fredah Banda