I am a Computer Scientist, interested in Logics (more broadly, Formal Methods) and Stochastic Systems.

I am a Research Fellow of the Alan Turing Institute of Data Science in London, affiliated with University of Warwick, as well as Honorary Senior Research Associate in the PPLV group at UCL.

David Pym and I are leading the Logics for Data Science group at the Turing.

I have been researching on topics pertaining to Automata and Games for Program Verification, where the goal is to mathematically reason on computer programs to ensure that they do what we want them to do.
I recently started looking at developing Formal Methods for the analysis of Machine Learning algorithms. Find here a project I started working on at the Turing.

Jan. 2017 -- now
Research Fellow of the Alan Turing Institute of Data Science in London, affiliated with University of Warwick.
Aug. 2016 -- Dec. 2016
Research Fellow of the Semester Program Logical Structures in Computation in Berkeley.
Nov. 2015 -- Aug. 2016
Research Assistant in the Computer Science Department in Oxford.
Sep. 2012 -- Oct. 2015
Joint PhD between Université Paris 7 and University of Warsaw.
I defended my PhD in October 2015. Find here the page dedicated to my PhD and the defense.

I am grateful for the great mentorship and influence of several researchers: Florian Horn, Hugo Gimbert, Krishnendu Chatterjee, Olivier Serre, Jean-Eric Pin, Mikołaj Bojańczyk (PhD advisor), Thomas Colcombet (PhD advisor), Joël Ouaknine (post-doc advisor in Oxford), James Worrell (post-doc advisor in Oxford), and Prakash Panangaden (mentor in Berkeley).

Curriculum Vitae: English version, French version. Latest update: April, 2017.


June 2017
My work on Profinite Techniques for Probabilistic Automata is featured in the Bulletin of the EATCS 122.
June 2017
Marta Kwiatkowska is giving a talk at the Turing on Friday 16th of June on Safety Verification of Deep Neural Networks. See here for more information.

Recent papers

June 2017
Probabilistic Automata of Bounded Ambiguity (with Cristian Riveros and James Worrell) accepted to CONCUR'2017.
April 2017
Monadic Second-Order Logic with Arbitrary Monadic Predicates (with Charles Paperman, journal version of the eponymous paper in MFCS'2014) accepted to Transactions on Computational Logic (ToCL).
April 2017
Expressiveness of Probabilistic Modal Logics, Revisited (with Bartek Klin and Prakash Panangaden) accepted to ICALP'2017.
April 2017
Stamina: Stabilisation Monoids in Automata Theory (with Hugo Gimbert, Edon Kelmendi and Denis Kuperberg) accepted to CIAA'2017. It presents the tool Stamina, which is the first implementation (ever?) of an algorithm solving the star height problem
April 2017
Characterisation of an Algebraic Algorithm for Probabilistic Automata (journal version of the eponymous paper in STACS'2016) accepted to Theoretical Computer Science (TCS). It is also featured in the Bulletin of the EATCS 122.
December 2016
Semialgebraic Invariant Synthesis for the Kannan-Lipton Orbit Problem (with Pierre Ohlmann, Joël Ouaknine, Amaury Pouly and James Worrell) accepted to STACS'2017.

Latest technial reports

April 2017
Lower Bounds for Alternating State Complexity.
March 2017
A Logical Viewpoint on Probabilistic Bisimulation on Distributions with Bartek Klin.

Some recent slides

Expressiveness of Probabilistic Modal Logics, revisited, for ICALP, Warsaw, Poland. A longer version, for the seminar at Queen Mary University of London. A shorter version, for the Short Talk series at the Turing, London. Another short version, for the Computer Science department Seminar in Warwick. The first version, for the {Symmetry, Logic, Computation} workshop in Berkeley. See also the video!
Bisimulation on Distributions for Reinforcement Learning, for the LearnAut workshop, Reyjkjavik, Iceland.
Pushdown Boundedness Games, for the SR'2016 workshop in New York.
The Theory of Regular Cost Functions at No Extra Cost, for the GT-ALGA in Marseille.
Boundedness Games, invited talk at CASSTING workshop in Eindhoven (affiliated workshop of FoSSaCS).
Online Space Complexity for the 68NQRT seminar in Rennes. A similar version for the Verification seminar in Oxford. A preliminary version for LFCS'2016.
Characterisation of an Algebraic Algorithm for Probabilistic Automata for STACS'2016.
PhD defense.
Online Complexity for Highlights'2015.
Trading Bounds for Memory in Games with Counters for ICALP'2015.
Probabilistic Automata, invited talk at AutoMathA.

Research Projects

GT ALGA, a part of GDR-IM, led by Anca Muscholl and Olivier Serre.
2015 -- 2017
EPSRC Counter Automata: Verification and Synthesis, led by James Worrell.
2014 -- 2018
ANR STOCH-MC, led by Blaise Genest.
2012 -- 2015
ERC project GALE led by Thomas Colcombet.
2011 -- 2014
ERC project SOSNA led by Mikołaj Bojańczyk.
2011 -- 2013


the Alan Turing Institute in London.
Verification seminar in Oxford.
IRIF in Paris.
Automata seminar in Warsaw.
I am boasting a slightly-above-average ha-index of 80, way below both my PhD advisors.
Being a Computer Scientist, I hike, climb and run.