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Nic Smith

Personal photo - Nic Smith

Professor Nic Smith

Visiting Professor


Cardiac electro-mechanics Coronary Blood Flow


My research program is characterised by the development of integrated multi-scale and multi-physics models primarily of the heart which provide the ability to link biophysically detailed experimental and clinical data to integrated function from sub-cellular to whole organ level. Within the scope of this work I am interested in developed computational techniques to enable model development and specific models to provide insight into cardiac physiology. This work is focused on cardiac electrophysiology and contraction at the cellular level and the multi-scale translation of these models to simulate blood flow and cardiac electro-mechanics at the tissue level. The application of these models to understand the mechanisms of underlying coronary artery disease and heart failure to assist the development of new treatments and guide existing therapies is the ultimate goal of this work.

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Past Students

Ayush Goyal
Eoin Hyde
(King's College, London)
Sander Land
Liren Li
Matthew McCormick
Jo Perkins