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Robin Ankele

Personal photo - Robin Ankele

Robin Ankele

Doctoral Student

Leaving date: 11th March 2020


Currently, I am working on algorithms and approaches for data-analytics in a privacy-sensitive context using trusted remote entities. This comprises in the analysis and review of different techniques to provide privacy for data-mining tasks such as differential privacy, k-anonymization, l-diversity and t-closeness. In detail, I am looking into approaches and algorithms that consider privacy, utility and efficiency. Moreover, we are trying to achieve secure multiparty computation with the concept of trusted remote entities.

Furthermore, I am interested in cryptography especially in cryptanalysis, cryptology, authenticated encryption, provable security, secure multiparty computation and efficient implementation of cryptographic algorithms.


In October 2015, Robin joined the Software and Systems Security group, University of Oxford as a doctoral canidate under supervision of Andrew Simpson and Andrew Martin. Before coming to Oxford, Robin completed a BSc and a MSc with distinction in Information and Computer Engineering from Graz University of Technology. His master thesis was performed at the COSIC group at Catholic University of Leuven. More information about Robin can be found on his personal homepage.

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