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Sara Dutta

Personal photo - Sara Dutta

Sara Dutta

Doctoral Student

Leaving date: 14th January 2015


My research interests focus on using a combination of computer simulations and experiments to understand the mechanisms behind the initiation and maintenance of arrhythmias, and especifically the transition from VT to VF. I am particularly interested in the effects of ischaemia-induced electrophysiological changes on the occurrence of these arrhythmias. In my first year I did a combined computational and experimental study on the interpretation of optical mapping recordings in a globally ischaemic heart. We showed how dual wavelength optical mapping can be used to characterise the ischaemic border zone in rabbit hearts. During my second year I investigated the use of recent human cardiac ventricular action potential models in ischaemia. I am now working on whole human ventricle simulations of arrhythmogenesis during ischaemia.


I graduated from Imperial College London in 2009 with a Beng in Computer Science. I then joined Oxford as a Systems Biology DTC student. The first taught course year provided a good foundation for the interdisciplinary PhD that I started in 2010 within the Computational Biology group (and more specifically the cardiac modelling group).

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