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Sharon Backer-Holst (née Lloyd)

Personal photo - Sharon Backer-Holst

Mrs Sharon Backer-Holst

Leaving date: 13th October 2019

Completed Projects:


Project Management Research Facilitation


Sharon Backer-Holst joined the University in February 2003 from industry having spent 17 years working in the IT industry. She was project manager for the EPSRC/DTI/MRC/IBM 4m eScience project eDiaMoND, and is currently project manager for a range of multidisciplinary/multi-institution research projects including NeuroGrid (MRC), Integrative Biology (EPSRC) and GIMI (DTI). She is research investigator on the EPSRC 'Embedding escience' project which is looking at management techniques for ensuring usability and pursues her own interest in determining new project methodologies for these diverse and complex projects spanning industry and academia. She also works as research facilitator for the Department of Computer Science, University of Oxford and supports the department in increasing its research income. In her spare time she undertakes a range of volunter work including charitable events and youth work. 

Selected Publications

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