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Subhayan Roy Moulik

Personal photo - Subhayan Roy Moulik

Subhayan Roy Moulik

Doctoral Student

Student, Keble College

E: subhayan.roy.moulik(a)

Wolfson Building, Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3QD


I am broadly interested in the foundations of quantum theory, quantum cryptography, and quantum computing. In general, there are three facets of my research. I am interested to understand the fundamental limits of information processing as imposed by the laws of physics - particularly, quantum theory and relativity. Second, given the ultimate limits of information processing in nature, how can we harness them to realise computational, communication, and cryptographic tasks of interest. And finally given possibilities and impossibilities of information processing, what does it tell us about nature. See my Google Scholar for the projects I have finished.


I lectured and taught Linear Algebra in Michaelmas 2018-19, and lectured and co-taught (with Vojtěch Havlíček) Probability Theory in Hillary 2018-2019 to exchange students at Keble College.

I delivered a minicourse on Quantum Entanglement at NIUS-Physics Camp to undergraduate students in 2016.


[Organisation] I organise the Quantum Lunch Seminar Series (with Stefano Gogioso). If you are visiting and would like to give a talk on anything related to Foundations, Structures and/or Quantum, please write to me.

[Event] Check out Lattice Coding & Crypto Meeting at Imperial College on 18th Sept. I will be giving a talk as well on Quantum Algorithms for Sieving Lattices. 


I am a third-year doctoral student and a Clarendon Scholar in the department. My studentship and research are also supported by a Google-Deepmind Scholarship and Keble Sloane Robinson Award.