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Vít Růžička

Personal photo - Vít Růžička

Vít Růžička

Doctoral Student
Teaching Assistant

Department of Computer Science,
Robert Hooke Building
Directions Postal Address


I like Machine Learning research, Arts, literature, traveling and analog photography.


Currently, I am a DPhil student at the Department of Computer Science at the University of Oxford, supervised by Niki Trigoni and Andrew Markham. In 2019-20, I was working as a research assistant and lecturer at the University of the Arts London in the Creative Computing Institute. Before that I was on a research internship at ETH Zurich in the EcoVision group (2019) and at Carnegie Mellon University in Franz Franchetti’s group (2017-18). I did my MSc and BSc at the Czech Technical University in Prague.


  • November 2023, AI that automatically detects methane plumes from space could be a powerful tool in combating climate change, Oxford News, (link)
  • October 2023, Oxford researcher in World premiere of an experimental AI film 'One Sol in the Life of Curiosity', Oxford News, (link)
  • August 2023, World breakthrough in onboard AI model training presented by Φ-lab at IGARSS, ESA Φ-lab News, (link)
  • July 2023, Researchers successfully train a machine learning model in outer space for the first time, Oxford News, (link)
  • October 2022, AI on satellites for autonomous detection of disaster events, Inspired Research, Winter 2022, Issue 21, page 20, (link)


  • January 2023, Machine Learning on-board of Hyperspectral Satellites for Methane leak detection, Oxford CS - Cyber Physical Systems Seminars, (link)
  • November 2022, STARCOP: ML models for onboard detection of methane leaks in multispectral and hyperspectral sensors, ECMWF–ESA Workshop, (link)


  • 2022-2023, for Things of the Internet, Lecturer: Andrew Markham, University of Oxford - Computer Science, Software Engineering, (materials)
  • 2022, Machine Learning, AIMS, Lecturer: Atılım Güneş Baydin, University of Oxford - CDT in Autonomous Intelligent Machines and Systems, (materials)
  • 2022, Advanced Topics in Machine Learning, Lecturer: Ismail Ilkan Ceylan, University of Oxford - Computer Science, (webpage)
  • 2021-2022, Artificial Intelligence for the Media, Lecturer: Louis McCallum, University of the Arts London - Creative Computing Institute, (materials)
  • 2020, Exploring Machine Intelligence, Lecturer: Vít Růžička, University of the Arts London - Creative Computing Institute, (materials)

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