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Oxford Computer Science Conference 2017

The Oxford Computer Science Conference 2018 will take place on Friday, 1st June, 2018 (6th week of Trinity Term).

The Oxford Computer Science Conference 2017 will take place on Friday, 9th June, 2017 (7th week of Trinity Term) in the Wolfson Building on Parks Road, in Lecture Theatre B.

We are delighted to announce that this year's keynote speaker will be Prof. Samson Abramsky FRS, Christopher Strachey Professor of Computing.

Established in 2004, the Conference was originally held biennially and has since become an annual event.

All students, faculty and staff members of the department are welcome to attend the conference for which there is no registration fee. Tea, coffee and lunch will be provided free of charge.

The deadline for submission of micro abstracts has now passed.
Registration for attendance at the conference and/or dinner has now closed.







Welcome Address: Martin Dehnel-Wild, General Chair



Session 1: Algorithms (Chair: Ulrik Lyngs)

Predicting Semantic Graphs with Neural Networks
Jan Buys

The Complexity of Counting Compactions and Surjective Homomorphisms
Jacob Focke, Leslie Ann Goldberg, and Stanislav Zivny

Flash Crash Contagion and Systemic Risk: An Agent-Based Model
James Paulin, Anisoara Calinescu, and Michael Wooldridge



Session 2: Lightning Talks (Chair: Ulrik Lyngs)

Evaluating Manual Intervention to Address the Challenges of Bug Finding in Symbolic Execution
John Galea, Daniel Neville, and Sean Heelan

Molecular Semantics
Luca Laurenti

Balancing cooperation and defection in a two-agent grid-world game: the Malmo Collaborative AI Challenge.
Adrià Garriga, Daniel Furelos Blanco and David Tena Cucala

Search for Quantum Advantage in Restricted Permutational Quantum Computing
Vojtech Havlicek



Coffee Break (Atrium)



Session 3 (Chair: Chad Heitzenrater)

Exploring Weak Ciphers Usage in Business Aircraft Communications
Matthew Smith, Daniel Moser, Martin Strohmeier, Vincent Lenders, and Ivan Martinovic

Broken Hearted: A Novel Cross-Device Presentation Attack Against ECG Biometrics
Simon Eberz, Nicola Paoletti, Marc Roeschlin, Andrea Patané, Marta Kwiatkowska, and Ivan Martinovic

Model-driven-design of biological experiments: The case for the in silico lab
Daniel Nichol, Peter Jeavons, and Alexander Anderson

Novel Parallel Watershed for Faster Image Partitioning
Varduhi Yeghiazaryan and Irina Voiculescu



Lunch and Poster Session (Atrium)

Hearing Attacks in Sonified Network Data
Louise Axon, Sadie Creese, and Michael Goldsmith

Available Labelled Flexible Realistic Data-generator
Alastair Janse van Rensburg and Louise Axon

Privacy-Preserving Targeted Advertising for Mobile Devices
Yang Liu and Andrew Simpson

Ulysses in Cyberspace: Evaluating the Anti-Distraction Market
Ulrik Lyngs

High arrhythmic risk and low ST segment elevation in subendocardial compared to transmural acute ischemia
Hector Martinez-Navarro

Closed-loop quantitative verification of rate-adaptive pacemakers
Nicola Paoletti, Andrea Patane, and Marta Kwiatkowska

Applications of Reinforcement Learning to Medical Image Segmentation
Edoardo Pirovano and Irina Voiculescu

Automated Experiment Design for Efficient Verification of Parametric Markov Decision Processes
Elizabeth Polgreen, Viraj Brian Wijesuriya, Sofie Haesaert, and Alessandro Abate


Keynote: Prof. Samson Abramsky FRS



Session 4 (Chair: Kevin Milner)

Composably secure time-frequency quantum key distribution
Nathan Walk

Data flow and signal processing for Airborne ESM
Harvey Alison (Leonardo)



Coffee Break



Session 5: Quantum

Representing encoded operations in quantum computation, with diagrams
Niel de Beaudrap

Completeness of qutrit ZX-calculus for stabilizer quantum computation
Quanlong Wang



Session 6: Lightning Talks (Chair: Elizabeth Phillips)

ICTs and Attention Management: Evaluating the Emerging Anti-Distraction Market
Ulrik Lyngs

Security Games with Multiple Uncoordinated Defenders
Jiarui Gan, Edith Elkind, and Michael Wooldridge

“Privacy is the boring bit”: Perceptions and behaviour in the Internet-of-Things
Meredydd Williams, Jason Nurse, and Sadie Creese

Automatically Verifying Stateful Security Protocols in Tamarin
Nicholas Moore

Cyber cowboys and the wild west of insurance
Daniel Woods



Poster Judging and Awards Presentation




Drinks and Dinner at Rewley House

Conference Chairs

  • Martin Dehnel-Wild, General Chair
  • Katriel Cohn-Gordon, Conference co-Chair
  • Kevin Milner, Conference co-Chair
With admin support from Julie Sheppard, Sarah Retz, and Lyn Hambridge.

Programme Committee

  • Prince Abudu
  • Vojtech Havlicek
  • Chad Heitzenrater
  • Dennis Jackson
  • Ahmet Kucuk
  • Ulrik Lyngs
  • Alina Petrova
  • Elizabeth Phillips
  • Arianna Schuler Scott
  • Matthew Smith
  • Yuan Zhou