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Long Nguyen

Personal photo - Long Nguyen
Dr Long Nguyen


Here is a short non-technical description of my current research (Summary of my research). In particular, I am interested in the following areas in Computer Security and Cryptography.

  • Manual authentication protocols: protocol design, security proof techniques, and applications.
  • Efficient and provable-secure constructions for (short-output) universal hash functions.

I am currently a member of Technical Panel 2 of BSI IST/33, dealing with Security Mechanisms and providing input to ISO/IEC JTC1/SC27. I previously served as editor of ISO/IEC 9798-6:2010 Information technology -- Security techniques -- Entity authentication -- Part 6: Mechanisms using manual data transfer -- 2nd edition. More information about this ISO standard can be found here.


Long Hoang Nguyen was born in Hanoi, Vietnam. He went to Primary, Secondary and High schools in Hanoi before going to Britain to study A-Level (2001-2002), and read BA in Computer Science at the University of Bristol (2002-2005), obtaining top mark for his year in the university. He then went to Oxford (University College) to read a D.Phil (or PhD, 2005-2008/9) also in Computer Science.

At Oxford he is currently working on Authentication Protocols based on Human Interaction (Information Security) with Professor Andrew William Roscoe (Bill Roscoe), the director of the Department of Computer Science, University of Oxford. He did his undergraduate studies and final year project in Cryptography (RSA Threshold Digital Signature) under the supervision of Professor Nigel Paul Smart.

In the academic year 2010-2011, he undertakes academic visits at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in Belgium (KU Leuven, Host: Professor Bart Preneel and Dr. Fré Vercauteren, Sep–Oct 2010), Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne in Switzerland (EPFL, Host: Professor Serge Vaudenay, Feb–Mar 2011), and the Palo Alto Research Centre in the United States of America (Xerox PARC, Host: Dr. Richard Chow, Jul–Aug 2011).


Oxford University, University College, research excellence, 2008

Bristol University, Departmental award for the best final year undergraduate, 2005

Bristol University, Inforenz Security Prize: the best final year project in Information Security, 2005

Bristol University, Nuffield Foundation Research Bursary, (Side channel attacks) 2004

Bristol University, LogicaCMG Prize: the best penultimate-year undergraduate, 2004

Bellerbys College (Cambridge, UK), College award for the best A Level student in Physics, 2002


This is my webpage, This is the list of presentations, seminars and tutorials on the subject of my research, This is the list of subjects I have been teaching at Oxford since 2006, Vietnamese Student Society at Oxford Univ (VOX)


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G.A. Paul Memorial Scholar, University College, Oxford University

Computer Science

Selected Publications

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Authenticating ad hoc networks by comparison of short digests

Long H. Nguyen and Andrew W. Roscoe

In Information and Computation (an international journal). Vol. 206‚ Issues 2−4. Pages 250−271. Feb-Apr 2008.

Short−output universal hash functions and their use in fast and secure message authentication

Reverse Authentication in Financial Transactions and Identity Management

Bangdao Chen‚ Long Nguyen and A.W. Roscoe

In Mobile Networks and Applications. Pages 1−16. 2012.