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David Mestel

Personal photo - David Mestel

David Mestel

Doctoral Student

Leaving date: 20th December 2018


I am now doing a postdoc at the University of Luxembourg.

I am interested in all aspects of the theory of security.  My DPhil (with Bill Roscoe) is about information flow; you can find a paper with some of my results here.  I have also done some work with Peter Ryan and Arash Atashpendar of the University of Luxembourg on deletion channels (the first of our papers is here), and I am currently working with Andrew Ker and Christie Kin-Cleaves on a problem in steganography.  Towards the beginning of my DPhil I worked a bit on the denotational semantics of CSP (in particular showing that rich denotational models can be represented in the traces model using the priority operator); the paper is here.

I am involved in running the British Informatics Olympiad, and I teach at University College

Before Oxford I read maths at Trinity College, Cambridge.  In Part III I wrote an essay (supervised by Oscar Randal-Williams) on algebraic K-theory, which you can read here.