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John Lyle

Personal photo - John Lyle

John Peter Lyle

Research Assistant

Leaving date: 31st July 2013


My interests are primarily in systems security and assurance.  During my DPhil I investigated new ways of applying Trusted Computing technologies to web services, primarily through integrity measurement and remote attestation.  I have most recently been involved in the webinos project, focusing on mobile and cross-platform security and privacy, with an emphasis on providing a secure (and privacy-preserving) execution environment for mobile web applications.

My other research interest is provenance, in particular the tools and techniques for identifying the history of data.  Combining and applying techniques from trusted computing in order to generate better and more trustworthy provenance is one of my long-term research goals.


I was (until July 2013) a post-doctoral research assistant on the EU FP7 webinos project.  The webinos project is defining and implementing a secure, cross-platform execution environment for mobile web applications.  More details can be found on the website and in my publications.  As well as webinos, I briefly worked on TCLOUDS, another large FP7 EU project.  Both TClouds and webinos began in autumn 2010.  Between 2007 and 2010 I studied for my DPhil with Dr Andrew Martin.  I finished and submitted my final thesis in 2011.  Before coming to Oxford I completed an MEng degree in Computing at Imperial College London. 

I am no longer at The University of Oxford.  You can now find me on

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