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John Lyle : Publications

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Developing secure‚ unified multi−device and multi−domain platforms: A case study from the webinos project

Andrea Atzeni‚ John Lyle and Shamal Faily

In Architectures and Protocols for Secure Information Technology. IGI Global. 2013.

To Appear


Policies in Context: Factors Influencing the Elicitation and Categorisation of Context−Sensitive Security Policies

Shamal Faily‚ John Lyle‚ Ivan Flechais‚ Andrea Atzeni‚ Cesare Cameroni‚ Hans Myrhaug‚ Ayse Goker and Robert Kleinfeld

In Proceedings of the Workshop on Home Usable Privacy and Security. 2013.


Guidelines for Integrating Personas into Software Engineering Tools

Shamal Faily and John Lyle

In Proceedings of the 5th ACM SIGCHI symposium on Engineering interactive computing systems. Pages 69–74. 2013.


Extending the web to support personal network services

John Lyle‚ Shamal Faily‚ Claes Nilsson and Anders Isberg

In (To appear) In the Proceedings of the 28th ACM Symposium On Applied Computing (SAC '13). 2013.


Model−driven architectural risk analysis using architectural and contextualised attack patterns

Shamal Faily‚ John Lyle‚ Cornelius Namiluko‚ Andrea Atzeni and Cesare Cameroni

In Proceedings of the Workshop on Model−Driven Security. Pages 3:1–3:6. ACM. 2012.


Requirements Sensemaking using Concept Maps

Shamal Faily‚ John Lyle‚ Andre Paul‚ Andrea Atzeni‚ Dieter Blomme‚ Heiko Desruelle and Krishna Bangalore

In HCSE'2012: Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Human−Centered Software Engineering. Pages 217–232. Springer. 2012.


On the Challenges of Building a Web−based Ubiquitous Application Platform

Heiko Desruelle‚ John Lyle‚ Simon Isenberg and Frank Gielen

In Proceedings of the 1st International Workshop on Ubiquitous Mobile Instrumentation. 2012.

To appear


Secure System? Challenge Accepted: Finding and Resolving Security Failures Using Security Premortems

Shamal Faily‚ John Lyle and Simon Parkin

In Proceedings of BCS HCI 2012 Workshops: Designing Interactive Secure Systems. Pages 5:1–5:4. 2012.


Personal PKI for the smart device era

John Lyle‚ Andrew Paverd‚ Justin King−Lacroix‚ Andrea Atzeni‚ Habib Virji‚ Ivan Flechais and Shamal Faily

In 9th European PKI Workshop: Research and Applications. 2012.


Provenance as a Security Control

Andrew Martin‚ John Lyle and Cornelius Namiluko

In Proceedings of TaPP'12: the 4th USENIX Workshop on the Theory and Practice of Provenance. USENIX. 2012.


On the design and development of webinos: a distributed mobile application middleware

John Lyle‚ Shamal Faily‚ Ivan Flechais‚ Andre Paul‚ Ayse Goker‚ Hans Myrhaug‚ Heiko Desruelle and Andrew Martin

In Proceedings of the 12th IFIP WG 6.1 international conference on Distributed applications and interoperable systems. Pages 140–147. 2012.


Cross−platform access control for mobile web applications

John Lyle‚ Salvatore Monteleone‚ Shamal Faily‚ Davide Patti and Fabio Ricciato

In Policies for Distributed Systems and Networks (POLICY)‚ 2012 IEEE International Symposium on. Pages 37–44. 2012.


The webinos project

Christian Fuhrhop‚ John Lyle and Shamal Faily

In Proceedings of the 21st international conference companion on World Wide Web. Pages 259–262. ACM. 2012.


Tool−support Premortems with Attack and Security Patterns

Shamal Faily‚ John Lyle and Simon Parkin

In First International Workshop on Cyberpatterns: Unifying Design Patterns with Security‚ Attack and Forensic Patterns. Pages 10–11. 2012.


“Do we know each other or is it just our Devices?”: A Federated Context Model for Describing Social Activity Across Devices

George Gionis‚ Heiko Desruelle‚ Dieter Blomme‚ John Lyle‚ Shamal Faily and Louay Bassbouss

In W3C/PrimeLife Federated Social Web Europe Conference 2011. June, 2011.


Achieving attestation with less effort: an indirect and configurable approach to integrity reporting

Jun Ho Huh‚ Hyoungshick Kim‚ John Lyle and Andrew Martin

In Proceedings of the sixth ACM workshop on Scalable trusted computing. Pages 31–36. ACM. 2011.


Challenges for Provenance in Cloud Computing

Imad M. Abbadi and John Lyle

In TaPP 2011: Proceedings of the Third USENIX Workshop on the Theory and Practice of Provenance. USENIX. 2011.


Here's Johnny: a Methodology for Developing Attacker Personas

Andrea Atzeni‚ Shamal Faily‚ John Lyle‚ Cesare Cameroni and Ivan Flechais

In Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Availability‚ Reliability and Security. Pages 722–727. 2011.


Trustworthy Services Through Attestation

John Lyle

PhD Thesis Department of Computer Science‚ University of Oxford. 2011.


Engineering Attestable Services (short paper)

John Lyle and Andrew Martin

In Ahmad−Reza Acquisti Alessandro; Smith Sean W.; Sadeghi, editor, Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Trust and Trustworthy Computing. Pages 257–264. Springer. June, 2010.


Managing application whitelists in trusted distributed systems

Jun Ho Huh‚ John Lyle‚ Cornelius Namiluko and Andrew Martin

In Future Generation Computer Systems. Vol. In Press‚ Accepted Manuscript. 2010.


Trusted Computing and Provenance: Better Together

John Lyle and Andrew Martin

In Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on the Theory and Practice of Provenance. Usenix. 2010.


Trustworthy Log Reconciliation for Distributed Virtual Organisations

Jun Ho Huh and John Lyle

In Liqun Chen‚ Chris J. Mitchell and Andrew Martin, editors, Trust '09: Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Trusted Computing. Pages 169−182. Berlin‚ Heidelberg. April, 2009. Springer−Verlag.


Trustable Remote Verification of Web Services

John Lyle

In Liqun Chen‚ Chris J. Mitchell and Andrew Martin, editors, TRUST. Pages 153−168. Springer. April, 2009.


Proceedings of the Oxford University Computing Laboratory Student Conference 2009

Programme Co−Chairs: Lu Feng‚ John Lyle and Nicolas Wu

No. RR−09−14. OUCL. November, 2009.


On the Feasibility of Remote Attestation for Web Services

John Lyle and Andrew Martin

In SecureCom09: Proceedings of the International Symposium on Secure Computing. Pages 283−288. IEEE. 2009.