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Kevin Burrage : Publications

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Application of stochastic phenomenological modelling to cell−to−cell and beat−to−beat electrophysiological variability in cardiac tissue

John Walmsley‚ Gary Mirams‚ Joe M Pitt−Francis‚ Blanca Rodriguez and Kevin Burrage

In Journal of Theoretical Biology. Vol. 365. Pages 325−336. 2015.


Fractional diffusion models of cardiac electrical propagation

Alfonso Bueno−Orovio‚ David Kay‚ Vicente Grau‚ Blanca Rodriguez and Kevin Burrage

In Journal of The Royal Society Interface. Vol. 11. No. 97. Pages 20140352. 2014.


Fourier spectral methods for fractional−in−space reaction−diffusion equations

A. Bueno−Orovio‚ D. Kay and K. Burrage

In BIT Numerical Mathematics. 2014.


mRNA expression levels in failing human hearts predict cellular electrophysiological remodelling: A population−based simulation study

J. Walmsley‚ J.F. Rodriguez‚ G.R. Mirams‚ K. Burrage‚ I.R. Efimov and B. Rodriguez

In PLoS ONE. Vol. 8. No. 2. Pages e56359. 2013.


Estimation of conductivity tensors from human ventricular optical mapping recordings

J. Walmsley‚ G.R. Mirams‚ I.R. Efimov‚ K. Burrage and B. Rodriguez

In Functional Imaging and Modeling of the Heart. Vol. 7495. Pages 224–231. 2013.


Stochasticity in Action Potential duration Enhances Dispersion of Repolarisation at Fast Pacing Rates

John Walmsley‚ Kevin Burrage‚ Joe M. Pitt−Francis‚ Gary R. Mirams and Blanca Rodriguez

Vol. 102. No. 3. Pages 592a−593a. 2012.


Phenomenological modeling of cell−to−cell and beat−to−beat variability in isolated Guinea Pig ventricular myocytes

J. Walmsley‚ G.R. Mirams‚ M. Bahoshy‚ C. Bollensdorff‚ B. Rodriguez and K. Burrage

In Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC)‚ 2010 Annual International Conference of the IEEE. Pages 1457–1460. IEEE. 2010.