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Ramón Casero Cañas : Publications

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Towards high−resolution cardiac atlases: ventricular anatomy descriptors for a standardized reference frame

P. Kohl R. Casero R.A.B. Burton T.A. Quinn C. Bollensdorff P. Hales J.E. Schneider and V. Grau

In Statistical Atlases and Computational Models of the Heart‚ First International Workshop‚ STACOM 2010‚ and Cardiac Electrophysiological Simulation Challenge‚ CESC 2010‚ Held in Conjunction with MICCAI 2010. Pages 75−84. Beijing‚ China. 2010.


Cardiac Valve Annulus Manual Segmentation Using Computer Assisted Visual Feedback in Three−Dimensional Image Data

P. Kohl R. Casero R.A.B. Burton T.A. Quinn C. Bollensdorff P. Hales J.E. Schneider and V. Grau

In 32nd Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC'10). Pages WeBPo10.7. Buenos Aires‚ Argentina. 2010.


OSS Watch National Software Survey 2008

R. Casero Cañas

OSS Watch‚ University of Oxford. Oxford. March, 2009.


A novel explicit 2D+t cyclic shape model applied to echocardiography

R. Casero and J.A. Noble

In Procs. of Medical Image Computing and Computer−Assisted Intervention (MICCAI). Vol. 5241. Pages 527–534. Springer. 2008.


Left ventricle functional analysis in 2D+t contrast echocardiography within an atlas−based deformable template model framework

R. Casero Cañas

PhD Thesis Wolfson Medical Laboratory‚ Department of Engineering Science‚ University of Oxford. , 2008.


Semi−automatic epicardial border tracking

R. Casero−Cañas‚ J. Timperley‚ C. Lofiego‚ J.A. Noble and H. Becher

In J. Roelandt, editor, Abstracts of Euroecho‚ the ninth annual meeting of the European Association of Echocardiography. Vol. 6. No. Supp 1. Pages S182. Florence. December, 2005. Elsevier.


Tracking of myocardial walls and study of contractility and thickening

R. Casero−Cañas‚ J. Timperley‚ J. A. Noble and H. Becher

In D. Rueckert‚ J. Hajnal and G.−Z. Yang, editors, Medical Image Understanding and Analysis 2004. Proceedings of the eighth Annual Conference. Pages 200–203. Imperial College‚ London. September, 2004.


Influencia de las transformaciones lineales en algoritmos genéticos híbridos para el problema de Steiner (Influence of linear transformations in hybrid genetic algorithms for Steiner's problem)

R. Casero Cañas

Master's Thesis , type= Proyecto Fin de Carrera (Master Thesis). February, 2003.