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Nigel Crook : Publications

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Handling User Interruptions in an Embodied Conversational Agent

N.T. Crook‚ C. Smith‚ M. Cavazza‚ S. Pulman‚ R. Moore and J. Boye

In Proceedings of the AAMAS International Workshop on Interacting with ECAs as Virtual Characters‚ accepted for a special issue of the Journal of Multimodal User Interfaces. Pages 27 – 33. Toronto. , 2010.


Human Motion Recognition using Nonlinear Transient Computation

N.T. Crook and W.J. Goh

Pages 543−548. April, 2007.


Interacting with a “Companion” Embodied Conversational Agent: an Implementation

M. Smith C. Crook N.T. Boye J. Charlton D. Pizzi D. Cavazza and S. Pulman

In Accepted for the 10th International Conference on Intelligent Virtual Agents (IVA2010). 2010.


Nonlinear transient computation

N.T. Crook

In Neurocomputing. Vol. 70. No. 7−9. Pages 1167−1176. March, 2007.


Nonlinear transient computation as a potential "kernel trick" in cortical processing

N.T. Crook and W.J Goh

In BioSystems. Vol. 94. Pages 55−59. 2008.


Nonlinear transient computation in cortical columns

N.T. Crook and W.J Goh

In 7th International Workshop on Information Processing in Cells and Tissues (IPCAT2007). Pages 261−267. August, 2007.


Pattern Recall in Networks of Chaotic Neurons

W.J. Crook N.T. Goh and M. Hawarat

In BioSystems. Vol. 87. Pages 267−274. 2007.


Pattern Recognition using Chaotic Transients

W.J Goh and N.T. Crook

Pages 7−12. April, 2007.


Self−organised dynamic recognition states for chaotic neural networks

T. Crook N.T. olde Scheper and V. Pathirana

In Information Sciences. Vol. 150. No. 1−2. Pages 59−75. 2003.


Unsupervised Classification of Dialogue Acts using a Dirichlet Process Mixture Model

N.T. Crook‚ R. Granell and S Pulman

In Proceedings of SIGDIAL 2009: the 10th Annual Meeting of the Special Interest Group in Discourse and Dialogue. Pages 341–348. Queen Mary University of London. September, 2009.