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Joint Consultative Committee with Graduates (JCCG)

There is a Joint Consultative Committee with Graduates comprising the Director of Graduate Studies (DGS), the Deputy DGS, the Head of Academic Administration, the Graduate Studies Administrator, MSc Course Administrator and representatives from DPhil, MSc and CDT students. Two DPhil students, and one MSc, will be elected by the students from each year's cohort and will remain on the Committee for the duration of their studies. If more than two DPhil students volunteer they will be asked to put forward a short statement on why they should serve on the JCCG and an election will be held by email and decided by a simple majority. If only two students come forward, they will be elected by default.

Representatives from AIMS and the HDS CDT will be elected each year. If they join the Department of Computer Science after their first year, and wish to remain on the committee, they may stand as one of the 2 DPhil representatives.

The Committee may operate, if necessary, without its full complement of places having been filled.

The Committee shall be concerned with matters such as training, supervision, research facilities for research degree students and social events.

The Director of Graduate Studies shall chair the Committee. The Head of Academic Administration or Graduate Studies Administrator will act as Secretary to the Committee.

The Committee shall be able as of right to address a communication direct to the Senior Management Committee or Faculty Committee of the Department of Computer Science depending on the matters involved.

The Committee shall meet once each Full Term and lunch will be provided.

Your representatives will be happy to communicate to the Committee any matters or questions you would like raised.

Current Officers

President: Benedict Bunting
Secretary: Mathias Jackermeier

Minutes of the JCCG Committee

Michaelmas Term 2022
Hilary Term 2023
Trinity Term 2023
Michaelmas Term 2023
Hilary Term 2024
Trinity Term 2024