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Strategic priorities

We have been at the forefront of computer science since our establishment in 1957. Our history of outstanding teaching and research is supported by tireless work on our deeper foundations, which enable us to continue to break ground on the world stage.

Professor Leslie Ann Goldberg, the first woman to serve as our Head of Department, has been in post since October 2021. She has set out a clear mission and set of strategic priorities to ensure that, as a department, we are united in our drive to maintain and build on our leading position in the field.

Our mission

Our mission at the Department of Computer Science is to be an internationally leading centre of research and teaching across a broad spectrum of computer science, ranging from foundational discoveries to interdisciplinary work with real-world impact.

Our strategic priorities

Undertake outstanding research across a broad spectrum of computer science

  • Maintain our excellent performance in national assessments, and in national and international rankings, by producing outstanding research results and by working to recruit and retain the strongest academic, research, and professional services staff
  • Secure long-term, large-scale financial support by diversifying our research funding portfolio to enable our research and collaborations
  • Continue to implement strategies to facilitate the wider impact of our research and to support progress towards an open research environment

Provide excellent research training to a large cohort of outstanding doctoral students

  • Continue to provide excellent research training to our cohort of doctoral students
  • Increase the number of doctoral students in the department by securing increased funding from research councils and industries
  • Increase the number of doctoral students in the department by securing funding from philanthropy and endowments

Increase our capacity in undergraduate teaching, while maintaining the quality of our teaching at both undergraduate and master's levels

Since undergraduate students are admitted by colleges at Oxford:

  • Continue our programme of increasing the number of faculty with joint college affiliations through Associate Professor with Tutorial Fellowship appointments
  • Increase the number of full-time equivalent students admitted each year from 62 at the beginning of the 2021-22 academic year to 120 by 2030