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Research impact case studies

Research carried out by the University of Oxford's staff, students and alumni has made an enormous impact on the world over the centuries. You can explore some of the more recent examples of how our community of computer scientists is contributing. These range from impact on business and policy to transport, the environment and health.

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Automated verification and validation

Defence, aerospace and automotive embedded software.
Project: D-RisQ.

Beyond the world wide web

Research at the University of Oxford aimed at enabling computers to understand and respond to complex human requests will underpin the next-generation world wide web ­ and is already in use by GPs.
Project: DBOnto: Bridging Databases and Ontologies.

Chips with confidence

The University and Intel Corporation have developed new methods to check that electronic chips do what they’re meant to do, before they are manufactured.

Climate Prediction

A technology to enable secure volunteer computing in supporting international climate modelling.
Project: BioniC

Computers at the heart of the matter

Computer scientists at the University of Oxford are developing a way to predict which new drugs could cause heart problems.
Project: PreDIC


Changing environmental circumstances and new energy-saving ideas.
Project: HermIT

PRISM: Probably the best device checker in the world

A software tool developed at the University of Oxford is making computer-controlled devices and designs more reliable.
Project: Prism

Robots set new goals

Participating in the 'Robot World Cup' is helping University of Oxford researchers create technology that will fashion our future.
Project: Robot Football

Safety by design

Analytical tools developed at the University of Oxford play vital roles in safety-critical and secure systems.
Project: Verum

Securing data with database firewalls

Protecting databases from internal and external attack.
Project: Secerno


A powerful query language for analysing large data sources.
Project: Semmle

The Origami of Life

DNA origami is a technique that is used to create nanometre–scale shapes by folding strands of DNA.
Project: Microsoft Research studentship & Veriware

Validation of embedded systems

Validation of Embedded Systems with Bit-Accurate Floating Point