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Unique inter-departmental project begins


A large inter-departmental project, unique in its kind, entitled: 'Quantum Nanoscience: Fundamental Physics, Emerging Structures, and Implications for our Ultimate Reality' has started.

The project involves staff from departments including: Computer Science (Principle Investigator (PI) Bob Coecke, Research Assistant (RA) Jamie Vicary), Philosophy (PI Chris Timpson, RA Owen Maroney), Materials (on the experiment side: PI Andrew Briggs, with the RA to be confirmed; and on the theory side: PI Simon Benjamin, RA Erik Gauger) and Physics (Vlatko Vedral, Dieter Jaksch).

The project is jointly funded by the Center for Quantum Technologies in Singapore and the John Templeton Foundation.

Further information on the project and its members can be found via the links below: