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Bob Coecke

Personal photo - Bob Coecke
Professor Bob Coecke
Professor of Quantum Foundations, Logics and Structures
+44 1865 273829
+44 785 5298183

Room 210, Wolfson Building, Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3QD


I am interested in the Foundations of Physics, in particular the structures involved, with a strong structural bias towards Logic, Order and Category Theory, and their applications e.g. arXiv. I am also active on compositional distributional models of natural language meaming e.g. arXiv.  Some popural writing on my work are `The quantum linguist' and `Quantum mechanical words and mathematical organisms'.  Older work includes information domains e.g. arXiv, dynamic epistemic logic e.g. arXiv, and even longer ago, contextual hidden variable models and quantum logic.  I currently have twenty plus PhD students; links to them are below.  I jointly lead a multidisciplinary research group, the Quantum Group, which now has 40 plus members.  More details on my research and links to publications and talks are on my extremely outdated old informal webpage.


  • [Jul'11] I am retrospectively awarded the title of Professor of Quantum Foundations, Logics and Structures, starting October 2010.


My previous affiliations are: the Free University of Brussels where I obtained my Doctorate in Theoretical Physics, Imperial College in London where I was a post-doc in the Theoretical Physics Group, and the Mathematics and Statistics Department of McGill University in Montreal where I was a post-doc in the Category Theory Group. I was also formally affiliated to the Department of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics of Cambridge University, on a research grant of the European TMR network Linear Logic in Computer Science. I have been offered a Long Term Visiting Scientists position at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, which I took up for a period of 3 months in 2009.  I held an EPSRC Advanced Research Fellow entitled The Structure of Quantum Information and its Ramifications for IT  Aug 2006 - Jul 2011, and University Lecturer of Quantum Computer Science Jun 2007 - Sept 2010, until I became Professor of Quantum Foundations, Logics and Structures, a title awarded retrospectively in July 2011 to take effect from October 2010.    I am a Governing Body Fellow of Wolfson College since Jun 2007.  I coordinated the EC FP6 STREP Foundational Structures in Quantum Information and Computation (QICS) - I also hold/held several EPSRC, ONR, JTF and FQXi grants.


My informal personal page with links, Papers at arXiv, DBLP, Google Scholar, and other

Selected Publications

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Reasoning about Meaning in Natural Language with Compact Closed Categories and Frobenius Algebras

Dimitri Kartsaklis‚ Mehrnoosh Sadrzadeh‚ Stephen Pulman and Bob Coecke

In A. Chubb J. Eskandarian and V. Harizanov, editors, Logic and Algebraic Structures in Quantum Computing and Information. Cambridge University Press. 2013.

To appear

A new description of orthogonal bases

Bob Coecke‚ Dusko Pavlovic and Jamie Vicary

In Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science. Vol. 23. No. 3. Pages 555–567. 2013.

Lambek vs. Lambek: Functorial Vector Space Semantics and String Diagrams for Lambek Calculus

Bob Coecke‚ Edward Grefenstette and Mehrnoosh Sadrzadeh

In Annals of Pure and Applied Logic. 2013.




Completed Projects

Current Students

Andre Ranchin
(Imperial College London Imperial College London)

Past Students

Personal photo - Andrei Akhvlediani
Andrei Akhvlediani
Personal photo - Philip Atzemoglou
Philip Atzemoglou
Ed Blakey
(University of Bristol University of Bristol)
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Gareth Charnock
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Nadish de Silva
William Edwards
(Perimeter Institute Perimeter Institute)
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Edward Grefenstette
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Alex Merry
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