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Alessandra Cavarra

Dr Alessandra Cavarra

University Lecturer
Director of Graduates Studies for Professional Programmes

Supernumerary Fellow, Kellogg College


Her main research interests reflect her teaching activity. In the past, she has produced a formal semantics to most of UML behavioral diagrams, built a tool to symbolically execute UML models, and forward engineer UML models into formal specifications. She is also involved in model-based testing, i.e. the definition of methods and tools to derive automatically test cases from models depicting important aspects of the system under test. In general, Alessandra is interested in formal methods and the integration of formal and semi-formal languages. She is a member of the Abstract State Machines (ASM) community.


Alessandra Cavarra is a University Lecturer in Software Engineering. She obtained a MSc and PhD in Computer Science at the University of Catania (Italy) spending periods as a visiting researcher in the United States and Germany. She then moved to Oxford as a research fellow working in the EU funded project AGEDIS. Currently, Alessandra teaches two post-graduate courses: Object Oriented Design and Software Testing.

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Past Student

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