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Bangdao Chen

Personal photo - Bangdao Chen

Dr Bangdao Chen

Research Assistant

Leaving date: 15th July 2014


My main research interests are payment security and communication security. Both involve the research of developing solutions of using Human Interactive Security Protocols (HISPs). HISPs are mainly used in creating secure ad hoc network where we may avoid using PKI or long term secrets. This is particularly useful in situations where trustworthy authorities are missing or existing security infrastructures are compromised. 

Various projects have been established to study the practice of using HISPs (see more details on our project web-site). For example, CDE23010 is a project for creating secure communication networks for government use, and a follow-up project is made to create secure communication applications for stabilisation operations (part of their information can be found here and here). Project ISIS3044 was made to explore using HISPs to secure payments. This has later led to the success of a spin-out company called OxCept. Some reports can be found here, here and here

Payment security is one of the most interesting topics in security. In order to understand existing payment infrastructures we did a few investigations in the payment industry in the UK and in China. Results are used to create our unique secure payment solutions which are now operated by OxCept. More information can be found on the company's webpages.

I did both my master's and DPhil degree in Oxford University. Then a Postdoc researcher here since 2012. Now I am working for OxCept as the CTO. 

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