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Chenyang Ma

Personal photo - Chenyang Ma

Chenyang Ma

Doctoral Student


Department of Computer Science,
Robert Hooke Building
Directions Postal Address


Agents, Robotics, Computer Vision


I am a first year Ph.D. student (2023.10 -) co-supervised by Prof. Andrew Markham and Prof. Niki Trigoni. Prior to this, I worked as a research assistant in Cambridge Machine Learning Systems Lab, supervised by Prof. Nicholas Lane. I obtained my B.S.E. degree from University of Michigan, completing multiple projects under the guidances of Prof. Andrew Owens, Prof. Wenzhen Yuan, and Prof. Paul Green.

My main research interest focuses on developing intelligent agents that live in both virtual and physical worlds. So far, my Ph.D. work falls in the intersection of 3D Understanding and Robot Learning. On the side, I also enjoy working with vision applications that utilize various modalities (Vision, Tactile) and AI methods that are less centralized and more collaborative (Federated Learning).