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Eamonn Maguire

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Eamonn Maguire
Doctoral Student



My primary interests are in creating novel user interfaces as well as  employing visualisation as a method to explain data to users, especially biologists.

My skills fall within the following areas:

Specialties: Languages: Java, Python, Haskell, Processing, JavaScript, JSF, HTML, CSS

Technologies/Frameworks: J2EE, JBoss, HIbernate, Seam, REST, SOAP, Django.

I am also skilled in system architecture, graphic design (see my company, Antarctic Design), visualisation and user interface design.


Antarctic Design

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Comparing Three Designs of Macro−Glyphs for Poetry Visualization

A. Abdul−Rahman‚ E. Maguire and M. Chen

In In Proceedings of EuroVis 2014‚ Short Paper. 2014.

Redesigning the Sequence Logo with Glyph−based Approaches to Aid Interpretation

E. Maguire‚ P. Rocca−Serra‚ S.−A. Sansone and M. Chen

In In Proceedings of EuroVis 2014‚ Short Paper. 2014.

Visual Compression of Workflow Visualizations with Automated Detection of Macro Motifs

Eamonn Maguire‚ Philippe Rocca−Serra‚ Susanna−Assunta Sansone‚ Jim Davies and Min Chen

In IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics. 2013.





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