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Giuseppe De Giacomo

Personal photo - Giuseppe De Giacomo

Giuseppe De Giacomo

Professor of Computer Science

Senior Research Fellow, Green Templeton College

T: +44 (0) 1865283512

Room 354, Wolfson Building, Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3QD
United Kingdom


Giuseppe De Giacomo is a Professor of Computer Science at the Department of Computer Science of the University of Oxford and a Senior Research Fellow at Green Templeton College. For several years he has been a professor at the Department of Computer, Control and Management Engineering of the University of Roma "La Sapienza". His research activity has concerned theoretical, methodological, and practical aspects in different areas of AI and CS, most prominently Knowledge Representation, Reasoning about Actions, Generalized Planning, Autonomous Agents, Service Composition, Business Process Modeling, and Data Management and Integration. He is AAAI Fellow, ACM Fellow, and EurAI Fellow. He has got an ERC Advanced Grant for the project WhiteMech: White-box Self Programming Mechanisms (2019-2024). He has been the Program Chair of ECAI 2020. He is on the Board of EurAI.



Antonio Di Stasio
Senior Research Associate
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Senior Research Associate