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Ioannis Agrafiotis

Dr Ioannis Agrafiotis

Research Fellow

Robert Hooke Building, Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3PR


I am a Research Fellow in the cybersecurity analytics group. My research interests include risk analysis and resilience in the cyber domain, insider-threat detection, the use of machine learning techniques for situational awareness and the usage of social media in the post-truth era. My role involves lecturing and teaching assistance for Centre of Doctoral Training (CDT) in cybersecurity as well as teaching assistance for the department. I have also supervised students during projects for undergraduade, masters and CDT projects.   

Over the last years I have participated in various projects focusing on detecting insider threats (CITD), modelling cyber harm for nations and organisations (Relative Effectiveness of Controls Project), designing cybersecurity capacity maturity models for organisations, assessing trustworthiness of information and the spread of rumours on social media (TEASE, Rumour Identification), using machine learning to combine network data with information from business processes in order to achieve situational awareness (RicherPicture, CyberVis), cyber-resilience and dynamic consent (EnCoRe project).      

I received an EPSRC scholarship and completed a PhD in Engineering (Warwick, 2012), focusing on modeling dynamic consent. I also hold an MSc in Analysis, Design and Management of Information Systems from London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE, 2008) and a BSc in Applied Informatics (University of Macedonia, 2006). 

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