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Irina Voiculescu

Personal photo - Irina Voiculescu

Dr Irina Voiculescu

Associate Professor

Stipendiary Lecturer, Oriel College

T: +44 1865 2 83501


Doctoral students

  • 2013-2018 Varduhi Yeghiazaryan, DPhil, Parallel Front Propagation in Medical Image Segmentation
  • 2006-2011 Stuart Golodetz, DPhil, Zipping and unzipping: the use of image partition forests in the analysis of abdominal CT scans
  • 2005-2010 Gwyn Skone, DPhil, Stratagems for effective function evaluation in computational chemistry
  • 2002-2012 Jian Chen, DPhil in collaboration with the Department of Structural Biology, Improving icosahedral virus reconstruction from cryo--electron micrographs

Masters level project students

  • 2021 Andrew Rogozinski, MCompSci, An automatic reinforcement learning algorithm for segmenting MRIs of the hip joint
  • 2021 Tom Mason, MCompSci, Automatically diagnosing hip conditions using landmark detection
  • 2021 Alex Morson, MCompSci, A novel approach to segmenting MRI hip scans
  • 2019 Sam Lee, MCompSci, Parallel 3D Reconstructions From Medical Data
  • 2019 Anna Yamshchikova, MCompSci, Automated scoring: An investigation into FigureCopy Task, a neuropsychological drawing test
  • 2019 Matthew Barnfield, MCompSci, Deep Q-Learning for Medical Image Segmentation
  • 2018 Thais Rahoul, MSc, A Reinforcement Learning approach to MRI scan data segmentation
  • 2018 Hisham Hijjawi, MSc, Joint Range of Motion Visualization
  • 2017 Avraham Sherman, MSc, June Bug: Building and Analyzing Physical 3D Models from Medical Scans
  • 2017 Jahangid Iqbal, MSc, Hand Gesture Recognition via LeapMotion Sensor
  • 2017 Edoardo Pirovano, MCompSci, “Applications of Reinforcement Learning to MedicalImage Segmentation”
  • 2017 John Burden, MCompSci, “Image Filtering For Medical Imaging”
  • 2017 Dan-Andrei Gheorghe, MCompSci, “Exact Algorithm for Complex Root Clustering”, Microsoft Prize for best Computer Science project in Part C
  • 2016 Christine Lind, MSc, Wearable sensors for post--op joint rehabilitation
  • 2016 Samuel Littley, MCompSci, Improving 3D printing from medical data
  • 2016 Tom McDonald, MCompSci, Knee joint visualisation and measurements of osteoarthritis
  • 2016 Josiah Kane, MCompSci, Improving physiotherapy uptake through using a hand sensor
  • 2016 Stephen Heap, MCompSci, Machine learning techniques for gesture classification using the Leap Motion sensor
  • 2016 Benjamin Dawes, MCompSci, Reinforcement learning techniques for games
  • 2015 Cihan Chen, MSc, Element--wise Analysis of Free--hand Line Drawings for Psychological Diagnosis
  • 2015 Ioannis Zifos, MSc, Gesture Recognition using Leap Motion
  • 2015 Xueying Jessica Liu, MSc, A System for Hand Physiotherapy Using Leap Motion
  • 2015 Thomas Lear, MCompSci, Static Target Finding with the Parrot ARDrone 2.0
  • 2014 Emil Culic, MCompSci, Objective Hand Gesture Scoring for Apraxia Patients using Leap Motion
  • 2014 Pernille Hanehoj, MCompSci, Assessment of Simple Geometric Drawings on a Tablet
  • 2013 Piotr Kozlowski, MCompSci, Measuring Gesture Mimicking Accuracy with Microsoft Kinect
  • 2013 Kamil Chmurzynski, MCompSci, Assessment of Static Hand Gestures
  • 2013 Varduhi Yeghiazaryan, MSc, Feature Identification on CT Images Using the Fast Marching Method'' Richard Bird Prize "for the dissertation that best presents a piece of software, an algorithm, or a mathematical theory pertaining to program construction"
  • 2013 Shaun Rudge, MSc, Virtual Milling Machine
  • 2012 Jan Paul Posma, MSc, jsdares: a New Approach to Learning Programming
  • 2010 Narayan Kamath, MSc, Subdivision Algorithms for Complex Root Isolation: Empirical Comparisons, Hoare prize for best overall MSc in CS performance 
  • 2010 Stuart Bowyer, MSc, Segmentation and Classification of Magnetic Resonance Images, project continued by the student in a doctoral programme at Imperial College London 
  • 2009 Chris Arthurs, DTC, Generating Non--Self--Intersecting Molecular Conformations
  • 2009 Xingyan Jin, MSc, Map Reconstruction Based On Hand-drawn Images
  • 2009 Ruijian Zhang, MSc, Segmentation of Medical Images
  • 2009 David Batey, MSc, Generating Computer Animations Based on Real World Objects Using Stereopsis
  • 2008 Qingnan Zhang, MSc, A Point Pattern Matching Algorithm for the Registration of Medical Images
  • 2007 Ruo Yin, MSc, 3D Reconstruction of Fossils From Registered Binary Images
  • 2005 Luis Agudelo, MSc, A Byzantine Music Editor and Translator
  • 2005 Celia Cheung, MSc, 3D Fossil Reconstruction using Splines
  • 2003 Patichan Kamolvisit, MSc, Simplified Byzantine Music Editor
  • 2003 Alistair Thorpe, MSc, Surface Detection in Colour Image Processing
  • 2002 Eran Socher, MSc, A Three-dimensional Chat Room System