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Matthew Morris

Personal photo - Matthew  Morris

Matthew Morris

Doctoral Student


Wolfson Building, Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3QD


My research interests are broadly within the field of neuro-symbolic artificial intelligence, with a particular focus on neuro-symbolic logic models. However, I also have a history of working with both pure logic and reinforcement learning.


I did my undergraduate degree at the University of Cape Town in Mathematics and Computer Science, followed by a Master’s degree at Oxford in Computer Science. I have received numerous academic awards, was a Harry Crossley fellow and a Skye Foundation Scholar, and am currently funded by the EPSRC. I am currently doing my DPhil (PhD) in Computer Science at Oxford, supervised by Ian Horrocks, and am focusing on neuro-symbolic logic models. My general area of interest is anything neuro-symbolic. In the course of my career, I have worked as a software developer for Amazon Web Services, a research assistant, and most recently as a research engineer for InstaDeep, where I worked on multi-agent reinforcement learning research. I have several publications in the areas of machine learning, logic, and reinforcement learning, most recently in NeurIPS where I used Graph Neural Networks for communication in multi-agent reinforcement learning. If you want to play some ultimate frisbee, challenge me to a chess match, or chat about my research, please send me an email.

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