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Michael Goldsmith

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Michael Goldsmith
Senior Research Fellow

Robert Hooke Building, Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3PR

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Two sides of the coin: measuring and communicating the trustworthiness of online information

Jason R.C. Nurse‚ Ioannis Agrafiotis‚ Michael Goldsmith‚ Sadie Creese and Koen Lamberts

In Journal of Trust Management. 2014.

To appear

Managing the influence of social media using information trust

Jason R.C. Nurse‚ Ioannis Agrafiotis‚ Michael Goldsmith‚ Sadie Creese‚ Koen Lamberts‚ Darren Price and Glyn Jones

In Social Influence in the Information Age Conference. 2014.

Understanding Insider Threat: A Framework for Characterising Attacks

Jason R.C. Nurse‚ Oliver Buckley‚ Philip A. Legg‚ Michael Goldsmith‚ Sadie Creese‚ Gordon R.T. Wright and Monica Whitty

In Workshop on Research for Insider Threat (WRIT) held as part of the IEEE Computer Society Security and Privacy Workshops (SPW14)‚ in conjunction with the IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy (SP).. IEEE. 2014.

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