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Quanlong Wang

Personal photo - Quanlong Wang

Quanlong Wang

Research Associate

Leaving date: 15th January 2021



I am interested in applying the method of ZX-calculus (can be seen as a detailed version of Categorical Quantum Mechanics with boxes filled in with green and red spiders) to the foundational aspect of quantum theory and the practical side of quantum computing. I am also very interested in modelling consciousness within the framework of process theories (symmetric monoidal categories). In particular, our approach takes consciousness as fundamental, rather than physical objects, inspired by ideas from the Yogacara school as one of the two main branches of Mahayana (Great Vehicle) Buddhism. What is cool is that we have a reading group on consciousness at Oxford now! 

Currently, I am working on quantum circuit optimisation, especially on T-count reduction with our secret weapon "spider nest identities". Meanwhile, I am writing papers on consciousness with my collaborators.


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