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Sean Tull

Personal photo - Sean Tull

Sean Tull

Doctoral Student

E: sean.tull "at"

Room Room 204, Wolfson Building, Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3QD
United Kingdom


I am interested in category theory and its applications to the foundations of physics. Most recently, I have developed categorical principles for reconstructing quantum theory (to appear soon!) based on a description of superpositions in category-theoretic terms.

More broadly, my (upcoming) thesis explores the categorical study of operational theories of physics. This draws connections between the field of generalised probabilistic theories and categorical approaches such as categorical quantum mechanics and effectus theory. For the origin of these ideas see the pre-print Operational Theories of Physics as Categories. (video, slides).

Other work on categorical approaches to physics includes: 

I am also intrested in pure category theory. With Chris Heunen I have studied appplications of monoidal methods from physics to general categories of relations (videoslides), and particularly those of Mal'tsev categories.


My undergraduate and masters degrees were in Mathematics at the University of Cambridge. 

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Chris Heunen
(University of Edinburgh)