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Steve McKeever

Personal photo - Steve McKeever

Dr Steve McKeever

University Lecturer

Governing Body Fellow, Kellogg College

Leaving date: 31st December 2012


I am interested in the application of software engineering techniques, and programming language theory in particular, to a range of modelling applications.

The unifying theme of my research is to explore semantics-based methods for developing languages, systems and tools. I have used such methods for the design and implementation of:

  • provably-correct compiler generators
  • hardware development tools based on imperative and declarative languages
  • biological modelling languages to enable simulations at both the cell and atomistic levels.

I have explored static checking in the form of types, units, widths, ownership and bindings times. In terms of run-time behaviour I have looked at the automatic generation of abstract machines, relative placement annotations for hardware components and heart model optimisations using both partial evaluation and staging transformations.

Currently I am exploring domain specific languages for tumour modelling, mainly at the cellular level, and model descriptions to enable coupled simulations to be run seamlessly. My interests span to notions of interoperability and extensibility of scientific modelling languages in order to promote resuse. 

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Anthony Connor
Mandeep Gill