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Vasile Palade

Personal photo - Vasile Palade

Dr Vasile Palade

Departmental Lecturer
Former Member

Leaving date: 30th September 2013


My research interests are in the area of Computational Intelligence, encompassing hybrid intelligent systems, neural networks, fuzzy and neuro-fuzzy systems, various nature inspired algorithms (e.g., genetic algorithms, swarm optimization), ensembles of classifiers. Application areas include a wide range of Bioinformatics problems, fault diagnosis, web usage mining, process modelling and control,  among others.


I have joined the Computing Laboratory, Oxford University (now the Department of Computer Science) as a Departmental Lecturer in October 2001. Before joining the Computing Laboratory, I have worked as a Research Fellow with the Department of Engineering, University of Hull, UK, and as an Associate Professor with the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Galati, Romania. I have obtained my PhD at the University of Galati and my BEng/MEng in Computer Engineering at the Technical University of Bucharest, Romania.

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Past Students

Manohara Rukshan Batuwita
Christopher Fogelberg
Zhenyu Wang