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Ian Horrocks

Personal photo - Ian Horrocks

Professor Ian Horrocks FRS

Professor of Computer Science

T: +44 1865 273939
T: +44 1865 610689


My research interests include knowledge representation, ontologies and ontology languages, modal and description logics, automated reasoning, implementation and optimisation of reasoning systems, and applications in areas such as e-Science and the Semantic Web.


You might be interested in An Introduction to Description Logics, a newly published book that I co-authored (with Franz Baader, Carsten Lutz and Uli Sattler). A complete list of my publications, along with downloadable pdfs. Lists of selected, recent, and most-cited publications are also available. If you are a glutton for punishment you could also look at my Google Citations profile, or my DBLP entry.


Slides from selected keynotes, seminars, tutorials and other presentations. You may also be interested in a video of my ISWC 2015 keynote.

Tools & Datasets

The group has developed many tools , including, e.g., HermiT , a highly optimised OWL 2 reasoner, ELK , a consequence based OWL 2 EL reasoner, PAGOdA , a pay-as-you-go OWL 2 query answering system, RDFox , a highly scalable RDF triple store, and SemFacet , a semantic faceted search system. We also maintain a library of ontologies and datasets .

Doctoral Study in Computer Science

Students working towards their D.Phil (PhD) are an integral part of the Information Systems Group, and make a vital contribution to our research. See our studentships page for further details, and information about funding opportunities .

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