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Bahareh Afshari

Personal photo - Bahareh Afshari

Dr Bahareh Afshari

Research Associate

College Lecturer, Keble College



My research explores the interface of mathematics and computer science by uncovering the subtle interactions between expressibility, complexity, and deductive strength in fixpoint logics. I employ techniques from proof theory and automata theory, notably cut-elimination and tableaux, to gain insight into the behaviour of fixpoint constructions. In particular, I am interested in the analysis of the modal µ-calculus and its fragments.


Bahareh Afshari holds a PhD in Mathematics from the University of Leeds.  Her doctoral dissertation looks at the proof-theoretic strength of theories of inductive definitions, reverse mathematics of well-ordering principles and characterisations of Turing degrees in the Ershov difference hierarchy.

In 2009, Afshari became an EPSRC research fellow at the Laboratory for Foundations of Computer Science at the University of Edinburgh working on decidability and complexity questions in modal µ-calculus as part of the research team led by Julian Bradfield on the project Solving Parity Games and Mu-Calculi.

In 2011, she joined the Oxford Department of Computer Science as a research visitor, and later in 2012 as a research assistant, where she has continued her research on fixpoint logics working with Luke Ong and his research group. She is also an associate member of Wolfson College.

Selected Publications

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