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Maciej Pirog : Publications

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The coinductive resumption monad

Maciej Piróg and Jeremy Gibbons


Accepted for MFPS XXX


Monads for behaviour

Maciej Piróg and Jeremy Gibbons

Vol. 298. Pages 309 − 324. 2013.

Proceedings of the Twenty−ninth Conference on the Mathematical Foundations of Programming Semantics‚ MFPS XXIX


Tracing monadic computations and representing effects

Maciej Pirog and Jeremy Gibbons

In James Chapman and Paul Blain Levy, editors, Proceedings Fourth Workshop on Mathematically Structured Functional Programming‚ Tallinn‚ Estonia‚ 25 March 2012. Vol. 76 of Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science. Pages 90−111. Open Publishing Association. 2012.


A Functional Derivation of the Warren Abstract Machine

Maciej Pirog and Jeremy Gibbons


Submitted for publication


A systematic derivation of the STG machine verified in Coq

Maciej Pirog and Dariusz Biernacki

In Haskell '10: Proceedings of the third ACM Haskell symposium on Haskell. Pages 25–36. New York‚ NY‚ USA. 2010. ACM.