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Jun Ho Huh : Publications

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Hybrid spam filtering for mobile communication

Ji Won Yoon‚ Hyoungshick Kim and Jun Ho Huh

In Computers & Security. Vol. 29(4). Pages 446–459. June, 2010.


Managing application whitelists in trusted distributed systems

Jun Ho Huh‚ John Lyle‚ Cornelius Namiluko and Andrew Martin

In Future Generation Computer Systems. Vol. 27(2). Pages 211−226. February, 2011.


On the Security of Internet Banking in South Korea

Hyoungshick Kim‚ Jun Ho Huh and Ross Anderson

No. RR−10−01. March, 2010.


Towards a Trustable Virtual Organisation

Jun Ho Huh and Andrew Martin

Pages 425−431. Los Alamitos‚ CA‚ USA. November, 2009. IEEE Computer Society.


Trusted Logging for Grid Computing

Jun Ho Huh and Andrew Martin

In Third Asia−Pacific Trusted Infrastructure Technologies Conference. Pages 30−42. Los Alamitos‚ CA‚ USA. October, 2008. IEEE Computer Society.


Trustworthy Log Reconciliation for Distributed Virtual Organisations

Jun Ho Huh and John Lyle

In Liqun Chen‚ Chris J. Mitchell and Andrew Martin, editors, Trust '09: Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Trusted Computing. Pages 169−182. Berlin‚ Heidelberg. April, 2009. Springer−Verlag.


Trustworthy Logging for Virtual Organisations

Jun Ho Huh

PhD Thesis 2010.


Trustworthy distributed systems through integrity−reporting (invited book chapter)

Jun Ho Huh and Andrew Martin

In Guide to e−science: enabling next generation scientific research and discovery. Springer. 2010.

(To appear in)