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Maximilian Doré

Personal photo - Maximilian Doré

Maximilian Doré

Doctoral Student

Wolfson Building, Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3QD


I'm a student of Samson Abramsky interested in current affairs in logic, particularly in homotopy type theory and contextual semantics.

My email address is my first name dot my last name


Before coming to Oxford, I completed a master's in Logic and Philosophy of Science at the MCMP at LMU Munich. In my master's thesis, I tried to give philosophical underpinning to why a classical mathematician should embrace constructive reasoning and, conversely, why a type theorist can have peace of mind being a realist about mathematics. Before that, I completed my bachelor's in Computer Science and Mathematics at RWTH Aachen. I spent the last year of my bachelor's at Imperial College London, where I worked with Krysia Broda on the Elfe prover. The prover aims at making interactive theorem proving accessible to aspiring mathematicians.