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Nick Hu

Personal photo - Nick Hu

Nick Hu

Doctoral Student
Teaching Assistant

College Lecturer, St Catherine's College

T: (01865 6)10784

Room 216, Wolfson Building, Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3QD
United Kingdom


My research is on the topic of higher category theory; in particular, the foundations of the proof assistant I am also interested in higher category theory as an arena for formal category theory, and how this enables diagrammatic methods. For example, my master's thesis was about using the 2-category Prof to analyse traced monoidal categories with string diagrams as an instance of the internalization. Broadly speaking, I am generally interested in category theory applied to theoretical computer science.


I did my undergraduate degree in Computer Science, followed by a MSc in Mathematics and Foundations of Computer Science, both at St Catherine's College, Oxford. I am currently studying towards a DPhil in Computer Science at Balliol College. I also hold a college lectureship at St Catherine's to teach Algorithms and Data Structures.


Hilary 2019
Tutor for Categorical Quantum Mechanics and Algorithms and Data Structures (Catz)
Michaelmas 2019
Tutor for Quantum Computer Science and Computer-Aided Formal Verification
TA for Computer-Aided Formal Verification
Practical demonstrator for Functional Programming and Principles of Programming Languages
Hilary 2018
Practical demonstrator for Imperative Programming I&II and Design and Analysis of Algorithms
TA for Functional Programming (Software Engineering Department)
Michaelmas 2018
Practical demonstrator for Functional Programming and Compilers

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