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Tom Harper

Personal photo - Tom Harper

Tom Harper

Doctoral Student
Teaching Assistant

Student, Oriel College

Leaving date: 18th March 2013


I am a DPhil Student in Computer Science supervised by Dr Ralf Hinze.  My thesis is on shortcut fusion, a program transformation technique for improving performance, in the Haskell programming language.  Currently, I am working on implementing a fusion backend for the Utrecht Haskell Compiler (UHC).  Previously, I have worked on modelling fusion transformations formally and tying the findings to practical implementations.  Additionally, I am a Teaching Assistant for the Department, where I supervise practicals and teach classes during term time.  I am also a Teaching Assistant for the Software Engineering program's Functional Programming (FPR) course. 

Before I started my DPhil, I received my MSc in Computer Science from Oxford in 2008.  My dissertation, "Fusion for Haskell Unicode Strings", was supervised by Dr Duncan Coutts and Prof Oege de Moor, in which I created the Data.Text library. Before coming to Oxford, I earned a BSc cum laude in Computer Science at Syracuse University in Syracuse, New York. 

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