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Jim Davies

Personal photo - Jim Davies

Professor Jim Davies CITP

Professor of Software Engineering

Governing Body Fellow, Kellogg College

T: 44 1865 283521

Room 461, Wolfson Building, Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3QD
United Kingdom


Jim directs a programme of advanced, professional education in software engineering, teaching advanced techniques to people working full-time in industry.  He is leading the development of semantics-driven technology for medical research and electronic governance, and a related programme of work into the automatic generation of systems from re-usable models of structure and functionality.


Jim studied mathematics at New College, Oxford, joining the Computing Laboratory (now Department of Computer Science) in 1986 for a Masters' and doctorate. After working as a researcher and lecturer in computer science, at Oxford and Reading, he became a lecturer in software engineering at Oxford in 1995. He has led the Software Engineering Programme since 2000, and was made Professor of Software Engineering in 2006.


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