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Julian de Hoog

Personal photo - Julian de Hoog

Dr Julian de Hoog

Completed Projects:


Please note: I have graduated! Please contact me at from now on, or visit my personal website at

My interests include:

  • Multi-robot exploration, robotic search-and-rescue
  • Multi-agent systems, autonomous agents
  • Machine learning, neural networks, reinforcement learning

My research involves communication-limited exploration algorithms for teams of autonomous mobile robots.  Applications include exploration of unknown terrain, search-and-rescue, and inspection of hazardous areas.

The approach developed during the course of my PhD, "Role-Based Exploration", has been demonstrated both in simulation and on a team of Pioneer robots in the CONET Integrated Testbed at the University of Seville's Robotics, Vision and Control Group.

I am also currently in charge of the Robotic Search and Rescue project and I am co-developing the Amsterdam Oxford Joint Rescue Forces , a joint team with the University of Amsterdam's Intelligent Systems Laboratory that competes in RoboCup's Virtual Robots competition.  The competition involves multiple simulated robots cooperating in a search and rescue scenario.




Selected Publications

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