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On the evening of Friday 17th, there will be a workshop dinner 6pm-8pm, followed by performances by local participants.



CQM 2014 Programme
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Wednesday 15th October

 11am: WELCOME

2pm: Miriam - Will - Amar

Thursday 16th October

 11am: Alex

2pm: Pawel - Robin - Jason

Friday 17th October

 11am: Ray  

2pm: Giulio - Aleks/Chris - Vladimir (quanto)

5.45pm: Dinner at the Jericho Tavern

8pm: GIGS

Saturday 18th October

 11am: Open for potential talks

2pm: Jamie - Stefano - non-CQM advert session incl. Samson, Rui, Carmen and Shane

Sunday 19th October

 11am: Open for potential talks

2pm: Bob - Brendan-Dan

4pm: The End