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Computer Science Technical Reports




Security of ADS−B: State of the Art and Beyond

Martin Strohmeier‚ Vincent Lenders and Ivan Martinovic

No. RR−13−10. DCS. 2013.


An Exact Algorithm for Coalition Structure Generation and Complete Set Partitioning

Talal Rahwan‚ Tomasz P. Michalak‚ Edith Elkind‚ Michael Wooldridge and Nicholas R. Jennings

No. RR−13−09. DCS. 2013.


Coalition Structure Generation with the Graphic Processor Unit

Krzysztof Pawłowski‚ Karol Kurach‚ Tomasz Michalak and Talal Rahwan

No. RR−13−07. DCS. 2013.


On Stochastic Games with Multiple Objectives

Taolue Chen‚ Vojtěch Forejt‚ Marta Kwiatkowska‚ Aistis Simaitis and Clemens Wiltsche

No. RR−13−06. DCS. 2013.


Efficient Probabilistic Parameter Synthesis for Adaptive Systems

Taolue Chen‚ Tingting Han‚ Marta Kwiatkowska and Hongyang Qu

No. RR−13−04. DCS. 2013.


An Algebraic Theory of Interface Automata

Chris Chilton‚ Bengt Jonsson and Marta Kwiatkowska

No. RR−13−02. DCS. 2013.


The Shapley Axiomatization for Values in Partition Function Games

Oskar Skibski‚ Tomasz P. Michalak and Michael Wooldridge

No. RR−13−05. DCS. 2013.